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A poem by Tahli Benson

It’s cold here,

And I’m finding it hard to breathe.

Sometimes I forget where I am,

But then I remember I’m trapped inside my own head,

A prison world of my own making.

Where the sun doesn’t shine,

And the rain forever pours.

I gasp for air as I find comfort,

Comfort in my own loneliness.

Taken as a hostage in my own bed,

While depression tortures me,

And anxiety sits back and laughs.

I’d cry,

If I hadn’t already cried the tears I had left,

So, silently I cry.

My chest aches,

My heart aches.

As each day passes,

My question is why?

Why do I bother?

My next question is what?

What is the point in this life,

This life that I’m not even living?

That I cant live,

As long as I am a hostage in my own head,

Darkness is all around.

But I take another breath.

And I go another day.

Because that’s all you can do.

You keep going.


6 thoughts on “Hostage”

  1. I was afraid of what the end of this poem might’ve been if you’d taken another direction, but I’m glad you ended it on a positive note. All you can do is your best, and no one in the world has a right to ask for more. I hope writing about these troubles gives you a key out of that prison.
    Happy writing!
    -Author S

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  2. My Darling
    I myself can relate to this poem more then you realise x
    Don’t give up sweetheart we need you and love you more then you will ever ever understand or realise x

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  3. This simultaneously made me tearful and slightly breathless from emotion because I do relate to this, if only in the smallest sense. Thank you. Thank you for writing such powerful words 🙂

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