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All Love Is The Same

A poem by Tahli Benson

They say its Adam met Eve,

Not Adam met Steve.

But thousands of years ago,

Mobile phones never existed,

Dinosaurs were still around,

And men went to work while women stayed at home.

But think about it,

Over thousands and thousands of years,

The entire world has made,

Huge developmental changes

Such as,

The evolution from primates to humans,

The progression of technology in our lives,

The ever-developing theories of how earth came to be,

And the changes in equality between men and women.

So I ask you all this,

If everything else can change,

Then why in 2017,

Cant our opinion change on same sex marriage?

In 2017,

Why does it still matter if Adam meets Steve,

Or if Eve meets Stevie?

Love doesn’t have rules or regulations,

Nor does it pass judgement on gender.

We as a human race are always arguing

And preaching for our equal rights.

So why,

Tell me why,

Are we fighting so hard,

To stop marriage equality?

Love is Love.


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