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5 Signs He’s Probably Not Into You

Have you ever really liked a guy, but you find yourself questioning whether he is actually into you? It’s like, some days he’s really into you, and other days he’s so distant it’s like you’re each on opposite sides of The Wall of China. Well here are 5 signs that will tell you whether he’s into you or not!

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1. He can’t commit to you – Do you keep getting the “I like you, but I don’t want to rush things” speech, and even though he insists that he’s into you, even after months of seeing each other he still calls you a ‘friend’, or states that you’re still just ‘friends with benefits’ because he doesn’t want to ‘rush’. He’s only interested in one thing, sorry!

2. Leaves you on read and doesn’t reply – Or he only really replies when it seems to suit him or when he can be bothered. If he’s sitting on Facebook, posting statuses and has time to read your messages, then he has time to reply to you also, he’s just not interested enough to do so!

3. He’s always canceling plans with you – Do you ever start seeing a guy, and in the first couple of weeks things seem really good, he seems interested, wants to hang out and make plans, but then after a couple of weeks, the effort stops and you start getting last minute cancellations on your plans, just to find out later it was because he got a better offer from his mates? I’m sorry to say it, but if he is canceling plans with you more often than not, he’s not as interested as he says he is!

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4. The only time he ever actually invites you over is when he wants something – Have you noticed that you’re always the one trying to making plans and organize to hang out? And maybe a couple of times he’s actually asked you to hang out, but only because he wants you to come stay over for the night? Yeah, he only wants to sleep with you and that’s all he’s interested in. And if you’re ok with that, then you’re probably not that into him either.

5. He’s always got excuses – “sorry, I was busy”, “sorry, didn’t have my phone with me”, sorry, I can’t make it tonight, my mates want me to do this”. If he’s always got an excuse for you, he’s just NOT INTERESTED. And it sucks.

There you have it, ladies! So, if you like a guy who is just not that into you, then PLEASE, do yourself a favor, and have yourself some respect and walk away. It’s not worth getting your heart broken over some boy!

There is someone out there for everyone, who will treat you all like the QUEENS you are. So, I guess my advice is, don’t settle for less than you deserve!

Much love

-Tahli Benson


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