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To Wish Upon A Star

A poem by Tahli Benson

Yeah, she may be a little shy in a way,

But what does it matter at the end of the day?

She’s only got this one guy on her mind,

And as time passes her by,

Who knows what she’ll find.

Cause in a crowd full of friendly faces,

Her eyes are in a million places.

Searching and seeking,

For the one who’s got her heart,

Hopefully in safe keeping.

Cause in a world where chivalry is dying,

The love she had, had her flying.

Without it, she struggles to get out of bed,

And some days it’s hard being inside her head.

And it isn’t crazy for her to hold onto hope,

Because without it she just wouldn’t cope.

But maybe one day,

Maybe on a day in May,

She’ll blow out her candles and make a wish,

And the two will share a kiss.

And maybe one day,

On this day in may.

The stars will align,

And things will work out just fine.


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